Artist Statement

Painting has become for me an instrument of personal transformation as well as an avenue of growth, not only for the development of my art but the evolution of my spirit. This process allows for the freedom to explore new ideas and challenges the pursuit of my visual integrity. It is an expression that involves making choices and taking risks, while inviting openness for finding better solutions. It involves trust, letting go, giving up control and preconceptions; thereby creating something greater and less contrived, often more powerful than what I had originally conceived.


A pivotal change in my work occurred in 2004 with the discovery of no longer being interested in recreating nature through representation. The engagement with this new process became an exploration of seeing inward to express the spiritual essence of nature through abstract form. The expression of nature in abstraction has led my work towards a more authentic direction. It allowed my own visual language and symbols to emerge.


Searching inwardly allows a complete transformation from the beginning idea to the final painting. This process is an ongoing quest that opens infinite possibilities.




 © 2020 by Claudia Cappelle.

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